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Photography Services

Selecting a photographer who truly captures your essence can be a pivotal decision. Substandard photos might fail to reflect your true self, impacting your personal and professional image. Pari Gaikwad Photography offers a solution with a unique blend of technical skill and intuitive understanding, ensuring your photos genuinely resonate with your character and brand. Whether it's a family heirloom or a professional headshot, Pari Gaikwad's photography stands as your ally in creating a lasting visual narrative that is authentically you.

Branding Portraits

Pari Gaikwad's Branding Portraits are crafted with precision to showcase the distinct qualities of your professional persona. These are not standard photographs; they are thoughtfully composed to reflect the essence of your brand and career.


Pari Gaikwad's expertise lies in capturing images that communicate your narrative, making every portrait a strong statement of your professional identity.


The process is collaborative and thorough, ensuring that each image genuinely represents your character and career aspirations. These portraits serve a key function, going beyond mere aesthetics to function as an integral part of your professional toolkit. They convey confidence, approachability, and the unique attributes that set you apart in your field.


A Branding Portrait by Pari Gaikwad is more than a picture; it's a visual handshake, an immediate introduction, and a lasting impression. It's an investment in your professional image that extends far beyond the confines of a photo frame.

LinkedIn Portraits

LinkedIn portraits by Pari Gaikwad stand as pivotal professional tools, encapsulating the individual's professionalism and approachability. Each portrait is meticulously styled and photographed with the intent of creating a commanding presence on LinkedIn. The focus is on crafting an image that fosters trust and showcases competence, making every viewer pause and take notice.


The service is detailed, taking into account the nuances that underpin a successful professional image. Gaikwad’s portraits are designed to align with the platform's culture, delivering a polished and engaging visual that supports your career ambitions. These are portraits that do more than just display a face; they articulate a professional story, ensuring that your LinkedIn profile makes a powerful and lasting impression.

Family Portraits

Family portraits at Pari Gaikwad Photography are not mere photographs; they are timeless mementos that capture the essence and spirit of familial bonds. Each session is carefully orchestrated to encapsulate the unique dynamics and warmth of your family, allowing for genuine expressions and interactions to unfold naturally. Gaikwad's expertise lies in creating an atmosphere where each family member feels at ease, resulting in images that tell the rich story of your loved ones.

The aim is to seize those fleeting moments of togetherness and love, preserving them in portraits that will be cherished across generations. These are keepsakes that celebrate and hold the narrative of your family's journey, radiating the joy and closeness that you share. With Pari Gaikwad, your family's legacy is artfully immortalized.

Couple Portraits

At Pari Gaikwad Photography, couple portraits are crafted to resonate with the unique narrative of each relationship. These sessions focus on the emotional depth and personal journey that partners share. With an eye for the subtle interplay of glances and gestures that define a couple's connection, each photograph emerges as a celebration of their unity. Such portraits are more than mere images; they become treasures, marking significant chapters in the couple's life with honesty and tenderness. Here, couples find their stories told through a lens that captures not just images, but the essence of their bond.

Pro Portraits

Pari Gaikwad Photography brings strategic insight to professional headshots, ensuring each image portrays not just a face, but a narrative of professionalism and confidence. Recognizing the pivotal role of a headshot in today’s professional scene, these sessions are designed to produce a portrayal that speaks of competence and approachability. Attuned to the individual’s career aspirations, Pari Gaikwad captures headshots that serve as a visual handshake in the corporate world, leaving a lasting impression of the subject’s professional persona.

Pari Gaikwad studio

Our Studio

Step into Pari Gaikwad's studio, where every corner is designed to bring out your best image. Here, technology meets creativity in a space curated for comfort and efficiency. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and camera gear, ensuring every shot captures the finest details with precision.


It's a place where clients can relax as their professional narrative is translated into a visual medium, with Pari's expertise guiding each session towards perfection. This studio isn't just a backdrop for photography; it's a conduit for transforming your personal brand into a compelling visual story.

In Pari Gaikwad's studio, the equipment list is meticulously selected to complement his expertise in capturing striking images. The following are some of the professional-grade tools you'll find at your disposal:

  • Cameras: The Nikon D850 leads the pack with its high resolution and dynamic range, ensuring that every portrait is shot with exceptional detail.

  • Lighting: Profoto's range of studio lights offers unparalleled control over illumination, providing the perfect ambience for any shoot.

  • Lenses: A selection of prime and zoom lenses, such as the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G, are on hand to render images with beautiful bokeh and sharpness.

  • Modifiers: From softboxes to umbrellas, a variety of Profoto light shaping tools are available to create the desired mood and texture in each photograph.

  • Backdrops: A diverse collection of high-quality backdrops allows for a multitude of scene settings, from classic to contemporary.

  • Reflectors and Flags: Essential for controlling and sculpting light, ensuring that it flatters the subject in every frame.

  • Stands and Grips: Reliable support systems from brands like Manfrotto guarantee stability and versatility in setting up complex lighting arrangements.

  • Tethering System: For immediate feedback and precise adjustments, a professional tethering setup is used to connect the camera directly to a calibrated monitor.

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